The Harmony Initiative

The Harmony Initiative is the sum of all ACMS Community Partnership Programs. This project provides the Austin community’s most vulnerable members with musical experiences that promote healing and creative expression. The Harmony Initiative directly serves all ages – infants, school-aged children, teen parents, adults, veterans, and the elderly.



Todos Juntos Learning Center

Todos Juntos serves families with bilingual educational experiences. ACMS provides Early Childhood Music family classes and classes for the children at Todos Juntos. 


AISD Child Development Centers

ACMS serves teen parents in Austin Independent School District by bringing weekly Early Childhood Music Classes to the infants and children at the nurseries of Travis High School and Navarro High School Child Development Centers. ACMS also holds educational sessions for the parents to help incorporate music into their home lives. 


Navarro Child Development Center is a teen parent program that allows students to drop off their child so that they can finish their education. I am an infant teacher at navarro and my job is to care for these children as well as help them grow developmentally.

The benefits that I have experience through these music classes is that it builds language skills. As children learn about an instrument they become accustomed to different sounds that they would not have recognized before. This practice trains their ears for the sounds of language. When children can play music, it makes them happy... and everyone else, too.

- Analina Tellez, Navaroo High School CDC Infant Teacher


Music for All: Creating a Yes for Every Family

Partnering with Education Service Center Region 13, ACMS provides children with visual and mobility impairments and their families with Early Childhood Music classes. Educational presentations are held for parents and caregivers to help them create musical activities at home.  


The SAFE Alliance

The SAFE Alliance serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, and child abuse. ACMS provides music classes at SafePlace and the George M. Kozmetsky Charter School. Our programming for this organization focuses on the therapeutic nature of music as a healing force, featuring music appreciation, playful movement activities, and instrumental jam sessions for children. 


The Veterans Guitar Project

The Veterans Guitar Project meets weekly at ACMS for fellowship and music-making. Free group guitar lessons are co-led by an ACMS teaching artist and a veteran chaplain. Performances combine storytelling and song to bring healing to the musicians and audience. 

This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families. For more information, visit


The VGP gets togethe twice a week for a couple hours of fellowship and music making and it's consistently a highlight of my week. We always make room for dealing with the toll that serving takes on a person and sometimes that can ge heavy, but making music is fun! And writing a song about what you're going through feels good. Having a safe space to do all of this with people who know what you're going through lessens the burden. That's why we do this. It's why I chose to become a musician in the first place. Music just makes you feel better.

- Anthony Basini, Veterans Guitar Project Teacher


Belmont Village Senior Living

ACMS partners with Belmont Village to bring musical enrichment into the lives of senior residents. This program brings together families with young children and senior residents for intergenerational music classes. 


We are the Chorus 

We Are the Chorus and We Are the Chorus, Too! are choral groups of individuals with special needs and their friends and family, which serve as the resident choruses of ACMS. We Are the Chorus was founded in 1999 by parents of young adults with special needs. We Are the Chorus, Too! began in the spring of 2018 and is rapidly growing. Members of We Are the Chorus present a Fall concert and Spring Musical. We Are the Chorus, Too! meets weekly at ACMS for faculty-led rehearsals and performance opportunities. 


Working with We Are The Chorus has been one of the most reqarding activities in my life. Watching these individuals with mental and physical limitations sing and act and interact with each other is really heart warming. They are very supportive of one another. Their musical abilities have improved over the years and We Are The Chorus has built confidence not only in the chorus but also in their jobs and other social activities.

- Judy Ward, We Are the Chorus Director