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Bilingual Fun (ages 0 - 5 years)

Class length: 45 minutes

Bilingual Fun is a family-friendly language class! Children are taught basic Spanish phrases like greetings, family, colors, counting, body parts, animals, and more. Classes last 45 minutes and are appropriate for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years, accompanied by a caregiver.

Class Time Day Teacher Status Full Price†

Voice Types - From Chiaro to Oscuro [VIDEO] Call for info Sunday [N/A] - [N/A] Liz Cass Open $ 20.00 Register
The Massacre of Spring [VIDEO] Call for info Sunday [N/A] - [N/A] Peter Stopschinski Open $ 20.00 Register
Real Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Cello (Including You) [VIDEO Call for info Sunday 08/20/20 - 09/19/21 Dr. Nora Karakousoglou Open $ 20.00 Register
Beethoven - The Sounds of a Revolution [VIDEO] Call for info Sunday [N/A] - [N/A] Sara Hailu Sheerin Open $ 20.00 Register
Summer 2020 (includes all four videos) TBA Saturday [N/A] - [N/A] ACMS Open $ 75.00 Register

† The price listed may include the one-time $35 family registration fee for new families. It may not account for any discounts or applicable pro-ration. Additional siblings may receive further discounts.