Armstrong Community Music School remains committed to serving Austin by providing excellent music education opportunities to all. ACMS has been fortunate as an organization to maneuver most classes and lessons to an online format during the shelter in place period. This includes free programming provided at several locations serving many of Austin’s most underserved populations as part of our Harmony Initiative. As a nonprofit organization ACMS always welcomes and seeks financial support to stay on track with the costs associated with keeping these commitments. Your unrestricted contribution ensures that ACMS will continue to provide these opportunities while offering stability for faculty and staff. 

Music Together & Canta y Baila Online FAQs

What is the schedule for online segments?
9:30am - Chrissy 
11:30am - Natalie
3:30pm - Monica
9:30am - Toshio
11:30am - Bethany
3:30pm - Anthony
9:30am - Natalie
11:30am - Monica
3:30pm - Chrissy
5:30pm - Bethany
9:30am - Lindsey
11:30am - Monica
3:30pm - Larisa
5:30pm - Toshio
9:30am - Bethany
11:30am - Larisa
3:30pm - Chrissy
5:30pm - Lindsey
9:30am - Lindsey
11:30am - Anthony
3:30pm - Natalie
9:30am - Toshio
11:30am - Larisa
3:30pm - Monica


Will I still be able to see my favorite teacher?
Yes! All of our teachers will be involved in creating segments. 


How will I schedule make-ups?
Here’s the great thing: with this new format, you don’t need make-ups! You’re welcome to participate in any segments as often as you want. That means you can do class every day of the week! Each segment will remain in the group for a week. After that it will be deleted.


I don’t use the email address you have on file for Facebook!
No worries. Email us back with which ever email address you use, and we’ll update the group so that you can join.


I don’t use Facebook. What do I do?
Does someone else in the family use Facebook? We can switch your email addresses and they can access the group. If that’s not viable, please reach out to us and we’ll figure out what to do.


Can I add another parent, grandparent, or caregiver?
Yes, just let us know which email address to use and we’ll add that to the group. Then they can access the content as needed.


What if my child’s friend wants to join?
Obviously there’s no way for us to strictly monitor who views this content. We understand that finances are especially challenging in this time – for you and for us. If you know someone interested in joining us, please have them reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to get them involved. 


What about materials?
As we get closer to the 6th, you’ll receive a code for Music Together’s Hello Everybody app. After the shelter-in-place ends, you’ll be able to pick up your songbook and CD from the school. Canta y Baila families will receive their booklets in the mail. Additional online materials for both classes will be available in the Facebook group.