Music Classes for Ages 6 to 12 Years

Your child is at the age where she’s eager to take on new challenges and learn new skills. Six-, and seven-, and eight-year-olds are ready to lead musical activities with their peers. They want to dig deeper and understand how music works. They may be ready to take their journey into private instruction. That's what our drop-off options for big kids are all about.

Our lessons and classes for six through twelve-year-olds create a musical environment where your big kid can thrive. Challenging and fun music activities complement your child’s elementary school music curriculum or individual music lessons. Plus, your son or daughter will build life skills such as leadership, decision-making, and teamwork.  

Through class activities like drumming, game songs, improvisation, composition, and conducting, your big kid will be well on his way to a lifetime of joyful music-making. 


Songbirds (ages 7 to 11 years) Class length: 30 minutes  Songbirds performance class is a group voice class for young singers ages 7 to 11. This course will provide the tools for healthy singing and constructive performance for young singers in preparation for private instruction. In this 6 week session, singers will learn breathing techniques, age appropriate warm up exercises, and performance etiquette, culminating in a final performance on the last lesson of the session.


Private Instruction (ages 5 and up - varies by instrument) Lesson length: 30, 45, or 60 minutes (varies by age and experience) We know what a big step starting private instruction can be for a student. We’re here to help make that step meaningful, rewarding and long lasting. The more information we have about interests, goals, previous experience and expectations, the better we’ll be at personally placing you or your child with one of our fine instructors.