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Enthousiasmos (Summer Bundle - includes all four videos)

Armstrong Community Music School (Westlake) (location map)
Saturday, TBA
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This bundle package includes:

Liz Cass presents “Voice Types”
From Chiaro to Oscuro, there are a lot more voice types out there than you might think. Liz Cass will be your guide on this exploration of operatic voices. We will listen to examples of some of the best singers the world has known and we will discuss their range and capacity through the eyes of the “fach system”, a German-created system of categorizing opera roles by voice type. All are welcome and no previous knowledge or experience is necessary. Bring your ears and your sense of wonder!

Chiaroscuro (Italian for "light-dark") is part of bel canto, an originally Italian classical singing technique in which a brilliant sound referred to as squillo is coupled with a dark timbre called scuro. The overall sound is often perceived as having great depth or warmth. Chiaroscuro is commonly used in opera.


Peter Stopschinski presents “The Massacre of Spring”
Join composer Peter Stopschinski as he takes you through his re-imagining of Stravinsky’s The Rite Of Spring. Look at the crazy and innovative things Stravinsky put in his score, how the Rite became a template for Hollywood film scores, and how Peter took it apart and put it back together again over spring break creating his Massacre Of Spring. In the first half we will listen to various excerpts and different recordings and in second half Peter will play his arrangements live at the piano.


Dr. Nora Karakousoglou presents “The Real Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Cello (Including You)”
The cello is one of the most widely beloved musical instruments. Many people feel deeply connected to its tone and are intrigued by its darker timbre, while others appreciate its versatility across musical genres. It is also widely believed that the range of the cello, more than any other instrument’s, is closer to the human voice. Sadly, that is incorrect. Sorry to ruin the love. In this presentation I will be revealing not only the truth about the connection between the cello and the human voice, but also what makes the cello sound the way it does. Specifically, how, by controlling every aspect of the sound manually, cellists infuse their own creative voice into their sound. 


Sara Sheerin presents “Beethoven - Sounds of a Revolution”
Pianist Sara Sheerin will perform excerpts from Beethoven's piano works and share relevant recordings of symphonies as well while painting a portrait of the time in which Beethoven lived and how historical events are reflected in his sound. While there are many themes to explore, such as the French Revolution in the 'Eroica', there are harmonically unsettling signature sounds in the music of Beethoven, such as his use of the diminished 7 chord. So much that is startling relevant as we mark the year of Beethoven's 250th birthday.


Recordings of presentation included with bundle. 

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