What does it mean to Harmonize ATX?

It means supporting ACMS’s core mission to provide music education to all Austinites by giving a tax-deductible gift. ACMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driven to ensure that anyone who wants music in their life can have it. We believe that music is a vital part of every person’s development and well-being and it is our aim to remove barriers that prevent people from receiving enriching music making opportunities and education.


Who benefits when you give?

  • ACMS Teaching Artists and Staff 

Donations help ACMS retain top-notch faculty and staff who are not only incredibly knowledgeable musicians, they are also driven by their devotion to their students and to serving the community of Austin.  

  • ACMS Students, Families, and Friends 

Donations in conjunction with earned revenue from classes and lessons keep our great ship afloat, creating and maintaining the welcoming and safe ideals that are ACMS. Those ideals create an environment that embraces diverse perspectives and lets everyone know their joy belongs in this community. 

  • Community Programming Participants 

Music should be a part of everyone’s life, but it isn’t always readily accessible or equitable. Your donations make sure the emotional healing that music can bring reaches deep into the heart of Austin. Programs within the Harmony Initiative bridge the gap and bind communities together that otherwise might not connect, creating one large ACMS community rich in its outlook towards a hopeful future.   


What can you do to make sure ACMS’s music making opportunities remain available to all? 

  • One easy way is to join the Key Club. For $10 or more each month, you automatically provide free programming throughout Austin by supporting the Harmony Initiative on a recurring basis. You can choose specific programs within the Harmony Initiative or fund them all. If you’re already a member, please consider increasing your monthly contribution. And don’t forget to see if your employer offers matching gifts! It’s an easy way to double your giving. 

  • Consider an unrestricted gift in any amount. Unrestricted gifts allow us to allocate money where it is most needed. You can set your gift to repeat automatically annually or make it a one-time donation.  

  • Share ACMS and the work that is being done throughout Austin with friends and family. Music is valuable to everyone, though it can be hard to put it into words just why it’s so vital to our well-being. Who better to help spread that message than our own community members who have experienced firsthand the joy and healing a little music can bring?  

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